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Complete College Prep

Daily Plan
The Daily Plan allows students to get the maximum benefit of our services by meeting with us each school day. Students will always receive help with academic issues and questions right away, and our staff will have the best opportunity to get to know your student.

$6,000/semester  (only $24 per hour)
Complete College Prep Services
We are currently enrolling students for the spring semester (running from January to June, 2012) in Beaverton, OR. All three plans meet in the same location from 3:30 to 6:15 on days school is in session, providing students with trained professionals who collectively can tutor every academic subject, track academic progress, help each student develop effective studying techniques, communicate with teachers, etc. If you know what plan you'd like, or if you have questions, please call right away and we can enroll your student.
3 Days per Week Plan  (M-W-F)
This plan gives our professionals the chance to work with your student every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), including at the beginning and end of every week. Although we won't be able to tutor these students every day, no academic issue will linger very long.

$4,850/semester  ($32 per hour)
On this plan, we will meet with students every Tuesday and Thursday.  You will receive all the benefits of the Complete College Prep program on those two days, and we will help plan each student's homework and study schedule for Friday through Monday. 

$4,000/semester  ($40 per hour)
2 Days per Week Plan  (Tu-Th)