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Frequently Asked Questions for parents and guardians
What advantages does Complete College Prep offer?
With Complete College Prep, your student is with 3 to 6 trained professionals every day who can collectively provide homework help and learning techniques in every academic subject. One person is assigned to track your student's grades, to contact teachers and counselors, and to stay in touch with you about their progress in all areas. We are consistently assessing your student's strengths and weaknesses in relation to the college goals you've told us, and we make knowledgeable recommendations on everything that can improve their chances (including SAT and TOEFL training, essay assistance, activities to pursue, etc.). Because we know your student's overall academic situation so well, coupled with the amount of communication we have with the school and perspective colleges, Complete College Prep is able to offer the best and most complete college prep service available.

How is this different from Princeton Review, Kaplan, and other programs?
Frankly, there is very little comparison between our program and any of theirs. With the others, you tell them one area you want to work on, you pay to take a standard diagnostic test, and then you pay around $50 per hour to see one tutor 1-2 days per week who provides a curriculum for that one area. None of the other programs provide homework help in every subject, every day, in one room. Very few of them offer college counseling as part of their normal package, and none of them stays in touch with teachers, counselors, and colleges to ensure that the methods and recommendations fit each student perfectly. 

Where does Complete College Prep meet?
We meet in classrooms at local schools and churches. The location will remain the same for the entire school year.

How does my student get to and from the Complete College Prep session each day?
Parents and guardians are responsible for transporting their students, but we encourage families to set up carpools.